First time with Mum.

Mum guided me into the compartment, she followed and shut the entryway. In the entryway there was a calfskin tie, Mum lifted it and afterward let it go and the window in the entryway slid down, she inclined out of the window to converse with Dad yet they didn’t have anything to say to one another, they simply both remained there trusting that the train will move.

I saw Mum’s base as she inclined out of the window. He skirt halted just beneath her knee. I put my hand on the rear of her leg, she was wearing stockings and her leg felt smooth. I saw her recoil somewhat yet she didn’t do anything else as l gradually slid my hand up the rear of her leg. I went under her skirt and dependent upon her thigh. She moved her position marginally, separating her legs. I heard her say something to Dad yet l was focusing on the thing I was doing.

I arrived at the highest point of her stocking, l could feel the suspenders, then, at that point, there was the smooth skin of her thigh. I heard a whistle blow and the motor blow it’s whistle in answer. My hand went further, hoping to track down her pants however rather l felt her pubic hair and the wet cut of her twat.

Hej verden!

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